Pedal Born Pictures

Founded by two brothers, we are more than a company, we are family.


Isaac Co-Director

From a young age, Isaac has seen the world from the seat of the bicycle. While he spent most of his childhood days in California, every summer his family took him, his brother and groups of junior high kids on bike trips around the world. Most birthdays were celebrated on foreign shores exploring other cultures and ways of life. The exploration of other peoples' traditions has carried over into his filmmaking were the everyday routines of his subjects have been a point of discovery and understanding. Isaac attended UC Berkeley for Film Studies, discovering new concepts of storytelling from both the blockbuster and the avant-garde.

Jacob Co-Director

On October 15, 1987, newborn Jacob came home from the hospital in a bike trailer. It was love at first ride. He grew up in the saddle, leading youth bike trips with his family everywhere from British Columbia to Italy to Rwanda. At age 13 Jacob, his family, and several friends embarked on a four month trek across the United States in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. Jacob's passion for two wheels is equaled by his passion for storytelling and social justice. While earning his BA in Peace and Conflict Studies at UC Berkeley, Jacob produced short films in Rwanda and Bosnia- Herzegovina that dealt with issues of sustainable development and national identity politics.


Anand Master of the Lens

Anand is a National Geographic Photographer and lives down the hall from Jacob. When not traveling the world taking photos on assignment he occasional provides his camera expertise to the camera crew. Anand:

Ian Camera Wizard

Working full time as a cinemtographer Ian has earned honarary bearded brother status as the third collaborator on 'With My Own Two Wheels.' Currently living in New York Ian can be found at

Wes Designing Man

Currently studdying information visualization and social computing Wes brings a valuable perspective to Pedal Born Productions. He is a consultant on graphic design and was a camera operater for Singletrack High.

Ken Noise Maker

With a background in theater and perfoming arts Ken adds a liveliness to our work through his music. He has composed two feature length scores for Pedal Born and currently performs as Mad Hearts in Santa Barbara.